I am not your enemy, nor your guru. Community is the way of the future.

Jun 16, 2023

It's funny how social media sometimes mimics what is happening in your real life... 

The last couple of days I have felt like I am in that void space, communing with source, and am trying to find the portal into this know...the one where my life exists on this planet? 

A soul brother sends me this video and comments "Hi, can I change your lightbulb please?" 

Yes...yes you can...ahhh...there it is...thanks for the anchor 🙌 

I am blessed to be surrounded by a soul family. Those who just love me for who I am, even in messy times, and are not afraid to reach out and grab my hand when they are called to. Most of the time they do not even realize their energy was needed in some form or another as the Universe works in mysterious ways, connecting timelines, continuing storylines and many more mysterious things we humans cannot consciously understand. 

Living the life of a seer is not easy and very lonely, in fact, sometimes it’s downright terrifying.

I choose to push myself through the fear and venture into those unknown places to bring back information for humanity. Those edges can be dangerous, require respect and require a deep consistent practice of awareness and grounding. In this consistent process, sometimes blinders get put on and I have a challenging time coming back into this timeline. Remembering what part, we are at and what is to come next. 

Our book is launching in five days!??! What?! NO. We are not at that part yet, are we? Woah! Wait a minute, when did this happen? Oh right.  

*Looks at the mission board* 

That’s right. I did not sign up for this mission alone. Other souls committed to this journey with me. Those souls may not have said “yes” to writing in this book, but they did say yes to raising the vibration of this planet. They did say yes to collaboration, cheerleading each other, and getting excited to see their peers and loved ones succeed. 

Leaders are still human.  

I remember my grade six teacher telling the class that they had to go to the bathroom, and they would be right back... 

“Teachers have to pee too?” I thought as my little brain exploded in that moment. 

Yet, those out front, carving the way for others spend a lot of time alone. The actions of a lone wolf are needed for internal growth and just like any initiation, once the lessons are learned, they return to the pack they came from, or they make their own pack. Either way, they come back into a community. 

When the community is healthy, humans thrive. We are social creatures after all. 

And... It is nice to receive help. Sometimes it helps to receive love and encouragement as we navigate this world.  

I have experienced vicious jealousy and abandonment along this journey, and I pray for the day that humans shift their narrative and show their love and support for each other as we all grow. We all deserve love, we all deserve cheerleading, and we all deserve a safe space within a community. 

I did not choose this path of a seer. 

I do this because I was asked to by the Universe. I chose to say yes.  

I chose to say yes, and I also stated I did not want to do it alone, as collaboration is the way of the future.  

I am not your enemy.  

I am not a guru.  

I am not looking to stand alone and preach.  

My vision of community and commitment to raising the vibration of this planet includes many people.

This cannot be done alone.  

Instead of listening to that little green jealous mongrel that lives in your brain, turn your attention to that big bright eyed inner child that lives within you, grab their hand and tell them you are about to find some new friends... 

Friends that want to play, soul family that wants to build sandcastles and watch the ocean waves take them into the sea and allow your seeds of creation to reach destinations you haven’t even heard of before! 

To live in the mystery is where the magic is, perhaps it’s time to take a chance, allow yourself to be seen, reach out and share your love so others can also share their love with you. 

It’s time to shine loves, let’s do it together! 

You can find me in the B.O.L.D. Community, our Bytes of Light Den on Facebook. Come play!


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