The Tools And Support You Need, So You Can Step Into Your Personal Power And Be Free To Create Your Amazing Life 

Unleash Your Power 10 Week Bootcamp

I will help you find your place on your map and light up the places that could be worked on to move forward with your dream.

Each lesson will affect everyone differently, as we all have our own unique experiences on the earth and different agreements to work through.

You get to choose if your mind will work against you or in harmony with your dreams.

I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and into your place of personal power to release all that doesn't serve you and remember the powerful creator you have always been.

I'm Ready To Remember My Power!

The Bytes of Light Den - BOLD

Have you been seeking your personal freedom, inner peace, and higher purpose just to find yourself confused and still seeking answers, even after attending workshops and retreats that are supposed to help? Are you tired of feeling alone on your journey to shine your light and connect with your true essence? 

BOLD is the first and only community of its kind providing a safe and loving space inclusive of all paths to self empowerment, unconditional love, and connection to source for every soul doing their inner work.

Untangle your roots, open the flow of love and abundance, and take flight to live your wildest dreams, so you can go from the confused and lonely seeker of truth to the purposeful, authentic, powerful creator of your life.

Yes Please! I'm Ready To Create My Amazing Life

Private Healing Sessions

Doing your inner work does not mean you have to do it alone. Together we raise our vibration and awareness exponentially faster than alone.

Angel and Seth offer private healing sessions online and in person to accelerate your growth and heal your mind, body and spirit, as you do the work to remember the truth of what you are.

If you are ready to transform your life, discover your limiting beliefs, release your blocks, and reclaim your power as the co-creator of your life, we are honored to guide you on your journey!

Schedule your free healing exploration zoom today!

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