The Vow I Swore To Keep, Tiger Medicine

Feb 11, 2024

I dreamt of him New Years eve 

Awakened and on the move 

To Banff he says… 

Haha, I’m up for Banff, always! 

You know I like it hot… 

The springs shall do just fine. 

Oh but wait, there’s the crystal store 

I’m sure something in there is mine. 

But the hotsprings… 

They can wait my love 

You always must follow 

The signs from above 


Go in there 

Shop for yourself 

You deserve...

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Power Dreamer, Sharing Love Through Music: Stephanie Urbina Jones

Feb 09, 2024

"I was totally taken by surprise by the power of Angela's drum healing session. I truly had an out of body experience where I could see my DNA in a white column being realigned. I could barely speak when it was done and I am still experiencing the powerful shifts. I highly recommend her powerful healing tools!" - Stephanie Urbina Jones, Teotihuacan 2017

Enjoy this little snippet from our full podcast episode #9 with Stephanie on Bytes of Light, Snacks for your Soul with Angel and Seth...

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Stepping into my Temple of Love, in Teotihuacan

Dec 24, 2023

It was February 2017, the first time I said “yes” to the whisperings of Teotihuacan. Little did I know what I was saying yes to, and where that commitment would take me. 

It was stifling hot without a breath of wind, the dust kicked off our shoes as we silently made our way along the worn path, led by our guides.  

We stopped at a staircase descending into the earth under the Pyramid grounds.  

Our guide motioned us to follow him down the stairs into the stone-cold...

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Healing the Mother's Way, the Divine Feminine Breath

Nov 19, 2023

I was at the Gathering of the Shamans 2019.

My apprenticeship group had just finished an initiatory weekend and a handful of us headed to Sedona to assist our teacher. I had also been recruited to assist the event coordinator of the Gathering. 

As we rounded up the assistants and gave them their rundown of the weekend, one stood out and my lightning assessment had me knowing, like my “knowing's” in the gym...I was assessing another high-performance athlete. 

Just like...

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The Harder You Fall The Higher You Fly, Leadership The Conscious Way

Aug 09, 2023
Mirrors I have willingly held up for hundreds of people over the last 30 years of my teaching career include: Mama, Big Sister, Mentor, Family. I have also unconsciously done the same thing for people I didn’t even know about, in face and across social media.
We choose the people we need in our lives, whether it is unconsciously or consciously, so we can clear our vessel on our way to internal freedom. The key is, do you have awareness around who you are actively...
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Rigid Liquid, How glass walking taught me boundaries

Aug 09, 2023

Our shamanic group had just finished a wonderful lunch, as we were enjoying some down time before our next session, I hear glass shattering outside behind me. 

I turn and witness a large Rubbermaid container full of glass shards being poured into a bed that looks approx. six feet by three feet wide and 8 inches deep.

My body shivers, “What the flying fuck!”  was all that I could manage to get out of my throat.

Further scanning reveals a water bowl and sacred objects,...

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I am not your enemy, nor your guru. Community is the way of the future.

Jun 16, 2023

It's funny how social media sometimes mimics what is happening in your real life... 

The last couple of days I have felt like I am in that void space, communing with source, and am trying to find the portal into this know...the one where my life exists on this planet? 

A soul brother sends me this video and comments "Hi, can I change your lightbulb please?" 

Yes...yes you can...ahhh...there it is...thanks for the anchor  

I am blessed to be surrounded by a...

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Life and Death Lessons, Your Truth Lies Within

May 01, 2023

The universe will always give you the cosmic breadcrumbs for you to follow if you are paying attention. 

This past week, I reached out to a Toltec sister to do some clearings with me as she was in my neck of the woods. Coincidence? I think not. 

Yet, I was still at choice, whether I accepted to dive deep and do the work within and choose to trust another female teacher. This has not gone well for me in the past...this was a big ask for myself. 

It was a week of 4 separate...

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