Drumming and Cacao Ceremony


The most powerful way to grow and transform is through presence with others in sacred ceremony

Treat yourself to the heart opening experience of gathering for the purpose of celebrating your relationship with life, as you find the true depths of divine love within yourSELF.

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March 10th
Cranbrook BC, Canada

We are pleased to host Angel & Seth Rohrer for an immersive experience of breathwork, sound healing with crystal bowls, chanting, and channeled guided meditation during the powerful energy of the New Moon in Pisces on Sunday March 10th at The Spiral Path in Cranbrook, B.C.
You are able to choose a full day experience or you can pick to just come to the morning or afternoon session.
Morning- Fire Heart Breathwork¬†ūüĒ•
$44 ($46.20 with gst)
Afternoon- Sound Healing, Crystal Bowls & Meditation¬†ūüĆÄ
$44 ($46.20 with gst)
Join us for both for $80! ($84 with tax)
ETRANSFER TO [email protected]
(please include your name on your etransfer)
or come secure your spot in person at The Spiral Path

March 16th
Richland Washington, USA

Join Angel and Seth Rohrer at the Red Jasper Studio in Richland Washington, for an immersive experience of sound healing with crystal bowls, chanting, and channeled guided meditation. 

We use the frequency of sound to move stuck energy within you along with guided meditation and energy work to bring you back to your true powerful self. Each experience is original and curated by intuition for whoever joins the class at that time. 

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April 3 - 14th
Teotihuacan Mexico

Rebecca Haywood, Angel and Seth Rohrer invite you on this profound journey through the sacred sites of Teotihuac√°n and Tolantongo Springs. The mothering embrace of the divine will be our principal guiding force, cradling your process as you unwind hidden traumas, attachments, and idling fears from your being. It is a sweet magic infused into every channeled message and shamanic healing that Rebecca delivers‚ÄĒ gentle yet compelling and resolute in its aim: to come home. It is ‚Äúthe Mother‚Äôs way‚ÄĚ that drives her pulse and that will lead you to merge with the ancient heartbeat of Teotihuac√°n and resurrect within the womb of Tolantongo¬†Springs.

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Magic in the Mountains

Get ready for a day of healing and connection with your inner world and your loved ones, as you journey through your energetic body to connect with your higher self and those you know that have transitioned to the other side.
Followed by a 90 min group medium reading by Donna Hartt!
JOIN US once again as these 2 masters share their gifts with this beloved community.
The next level of teachings are here...are you ready for your upgrade?
We are in this TOGETHER!
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May 12th, 2023
Andean Medicine

Join us in Salt Lake City with Jorge Luis Delgado for an integrative experience of Andean teachings, energy work, guided meditations, and heart expanding ceremonies that will leave you overflowing with love and connection.


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Sept 16, 2023
Cacao Dreaming and Drumming Ceremony

Richland Washington
The drum is the heartbeat of the spirit, the leader of the people, and its vibrations connect people to each other and to every living thing, backward and forward in time, and out into the universe.
The drum is a sacred gateway that shamanic practitioners have been using since the beginning of time. With intent powerful healing can be experienced.
We will travel into our hearts to plant the seeds of intent that will bloom into our dreams in our next cycle.
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Nov 11, 2023
Fire Heart Breathwork

Join us in Richland Washington.
You might not be aware of it yet, but you possess the ultimate superpower within you! Fire Heart Breathwork is much like ingesting medicine plants, but here's the twist ‚Äď you're¬†behind the wheel on this journey and your¬†breath is the gas pedal. You decide how deeply you want to travel.
Breathwork is a simple yet profound act and holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your mind, body, and spirit. You can tap into a limitless source of strength, clarity, and creativity by consciously harnessing your breath.
By tapping into the magic of your breath, you can open doors to endless possibilities and embark on a path of boundless growth.
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