Stepping into my Temple of Love, in Teotihuacan

Dec 24, 2023

It was February 2017, the first time I said “yes” to the whisperings of Teotihuacan. Little did I know what I was saying yes to, and where that commitment would take me. 

It was stifling hot without a breath of wind, the dust kicked off our shoes as we silently made our way along the worn path, led by our guides.  

We stopped at a staircase descending into the earth under the Pyramid grounds.  

Our guide motioned us to follow him down the stairs into the stone-cold darkness.  

As my foot touched the first stair, 

the back of my arms began to shake,  

My heart started beating faster as my body heated up.  

What is this place? I questioned as we went further, deeper under the pyramid, winding through an intricate maze of ancient handmade stone tunnels.  

The tears started pouring down my face as I stifled back a sob,  

What…is…happening…where are we? 

Every hair on my body was standing at attention, the air was electric, and I was in an emotional and physical dissolving. My eyes connected with my soul sister, hers as wet as mine, a knowing shared “this was big.”  

An image flashed through my head of Isis. 

A smile crossed my face as the connection was made.  

We were in The Temple of the mother,  

one of the homes of the Cosmic Goddess and my main Spirit Guide. 

In a private ceremony, we were asked to give to the mother what no longer served us deep into the underground. My energetic release was nothing short of an extraction, almost physically releasing as I was pulled back by the facilitators.  

I cried for Isis to help me,  

My love, I am you, this soft etheric voice whispers.  

My breathing stopped, stillness, dizzy in confusion as the facilitators lead me to the next area for cleansing.  

Did I hear that correctly? I thought, as I leaned back against an energetic shower. Waves of energy wash over me as the sound of Angels singing flood my senses.  

Two Divine souls, harmonic sound vibration and energy work, nourishing and clearing every inch of my being deep inside this sacred space as I hear her chanting, from the ethers,

I am are me...I am you. 

The rest of the day, silence was my cocoon. Deep in the process, I questioned what I heard, rejecting the idea that I housed Isis's energy.  

I am not good enough,  

I am definitely not that powerful,  

Holy Ego on a tear,  

Who the hell do you think you are? 

I spent hours shaming myself, hours dimming my light with hurtful words, to the point of not wanting to go to our group session that night to share my experience. 

I made a deal with myself that I would go, and just not share that part.  

I was in so much fear of judgement, I had completely blocked myself to the energy of the group and the land.  

One of the assistant facilitators shared, “Today I was at one with God.” Every hair on my body stood up and the tears fell down my raw cheeks once again.  


She said, she was one with God. It does not matter who she felt or how she processed the experience…it matters that she “felt” it within the core of her being. For her it was God, for me it was Isis.  

Tapping into the energy of the Universe is a gift anyone can receive, including myself. How ever the Universe shows up for you in your world is perfect and unique just for you. 

My lesson involved being willing to receive.  

Allowing myself to receive love, knowing that I am worthy of love. 

And owning my story, owning my gifts. 

Why do we shower the ones closest to us with all that we have, but abuse ourselves with negative self-talk and actions?  

Could you imagine talking to someone else the way you talk to yourself sometimes? Would you allow someone else to talk to you the way you talk to yourself? 

Let’s face it, nobody can beat us up as well as we can beat ourselves up…we know our deepest darkest secrets! All that ammunition piled up and waiting to be fired, and for some reason, we fire it! 

Well, I am happy to announce my tyrant has been fired. She knocks on the door once and a while, (gotta give her credit for her tenacity), but the love I send to her reminds her that I am responsible for protecting us, and she is safe. 

This experience was like intense surgery that needed weeks of healing time.  

Every emotion available to humans was experienced during this process and some new ones were discovered.  

My framework around energy and spiritual connection was shattered and reconstructed over that entire year, and I still can feel those pieces finishing up and being polished off today, as we are truly never done our work on this planet, while we are alive. 

I committed to supporting and soothing myself as the energies worked through me, which in turn, over these years with many trips back to the pyramids, has allowed me the ability to shine more light for others to find their own way through their darkness. 

I will be returning to Teotihuacan in April 2024, to once again, be in service to the divine mother, to collaborate and cocreate with the frequencies of the land and the humans that will choose to say yes to this incredibly special, first time, invitation from our guide, Rebecca Haywood.

It is my honor and pleasure to step into a role of guardianship and spiritual protection as Rebecca shares her gifts in this powerful, solar eclipse energetic container.

Join us, allow the surrender, and get ready for the journey of your life, back to yourself. 

You are whole

You are human

You are divine

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