Power Dreamer, Sharing Love Through Music: Stephanie Urbina Jones

Feb 09, 2024

"I was totally taken by surprise by the power of Angela's drum healing session. I truly had an out of body experience where I could see my DNA in a white column being realigned. I could barely speak when it was done and I am still experiencing the powerful shifts. I highly recommend her powerful healing tools!" - Stephanie Urbina Jones, Teotihuacan 2017

Enjoy this little snippet from our full podcast episode #9 with Stephanie on Bytes of Light, Snacks for your Soul with Angel and Seth Rohrer.


I have to share with everyone a “Byte of Light” that you gave me that night. 

I was just beginning to step in, as a teacher and as a leader in this (Toltec) world. 

I had had a career in another arena as a country singer but that night and the connection that we made, you gave me my first medicine tool that night, at the Gathering of shamans, that you had made.  

This beautiful fan that I have used in hundreds of ceremonies now, has touched so many people so thank you for being a part of my life and singing to my soul. 

It's so beautiful and there's magic when people can meet each other on that vibration and go into that space of just pure unconditional love right?  


And for me too, that night around the lake, yes, the fire walk was amazing, you know it was a mind-expanding experience but by singing around that lake... 

People need to understand where we were, out in the middle of the desert in Arizona. There it's pitch black and we're in this tiny little area around this beautiful lake with this huge willow tree and you have your drum over top of my heart, and I just pop out.  

I was out of my body, I felt like I was, you know how you just Scruff a cat from behind? I literally was hanging over the lake and then I was just in the cosmos like you just shot me right up into the stars and I have never... 

You're not going to believe this; OneDrive just showed me a picture of you and me sitting in the Teo. How surreal! 


The notifications aren't turned on, on the computer. It just popped a picture of the two of you in front of the Pyramid of the Sun and I cannot make this shit up! We are not alone, wow! 


Anyways yeah, that was the very first time that I've experienced that right?  

So, I was just blown wide open and when I got home from that experience (also too this is the very first time ever that I have traveled alone since the experience that I talk about in The Love Warriors book) so the whole weekend was huge and amazing and expanding for me. 


Our publisher Laura DiFranco always says, “Who are those people along the way that we're writing that love letter to that kind of pulls us up out of our purpose-driven fear?” she'll say.  

Because I've tried to run from this path.  

And you know, you gifting me that fan was kind of like a stand down moment.  

And it's lived with me forever when you saw something in me. 

I was already living it I was doing it, but I wasn't committed to it. 

I wasn't taking responsibility for it. 

I think that really was the beginning. 

Soon after my pathway just like through my pain through a heartbreaking and harrowing experiences, I just broke my heart and my life open, and I had I had a choice of course. 

I could have gone another way, but my choice was to move forward. 

I would be in very intimate circles like I was in a few healing circles as a participant I would share a song here and there and people would always say “where can I get that song?”  

I'd be like I don't have time for that, I'm going to be a country star.  

That's what my grandmother meant right?  

So fast forward, when Angel and I are in Teotihuacan, on this journey, we've met, we've had this powerful experience, she's given me my fan, and we're engaged in life.  

I'm in the kitchen in Teotihuacan of the dreaming house and these two red-headed women who were friends of mine, came up to me and said “Stephanie when are you going to make this album of all these medicine songs that you sing in private with us?” and I'm like I'm done I don't have time I do not have money.   

Judy Redhawk said this “My Aunt Helen just died, she was a music teacher and she left me an inheritance and if I give you twenty-five hundred dollars today, will you commit right now to singing and recording these songs?” 

Yes, so yes okay, I will. 

As fate would have it, Sue Schweitzer was there, who is a photographer.  

You were there with Kya. Y'all did all this, your Mama shazamarama.  

I had bought a three-dollar dress in a Mexican Town the week before I think. 

Yeah, all good girl.  

When we climbed up with that dress shoved in the back of my backpack to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun and we were styling everything. 

Shaman heart, literally three weeks later or somewhere between three and five weeks later, the first three songs the EP of that album, delivered a hundred copies on the Red Road to the next Gathering of shamans, where I presented it a few months later! So awesome, that's crazy! 


You can't make that shit up! 

Now we're here!  


Yeah. So, thank you. 

Thank you for being a witness.  


Thank you for inviting me.  

Yeah, well thank you. Because you knew, I really was so reluctant. 

I was like I was afraid to share this part of me. 


Don't forget to thank yourself for showing up for yourself. 

Yeah oh that's huge! A lot of people skip the thank you part, right?  

Gratitude to self. We are only able to receive what we are able to receive. 


Who's teaching in this moment? [Laughter]  

So good thank you thank you. 


You can find both books, Love Warriors and Shaman Heart Sacred Rebel, by Brave Healer Productions on Amazon and Audible! 

Angel wrote a chapter in Love Warriors, Stephanie is the lead author of Shaman Heart, Sacred Rebel along with her husband Jeremy. Angel, Seth and the CEO of Brave Healer Productions also contributed to this Shaman Heart medicinal art. 

The picture of our backs in hats in the video, is the SAME picture that showed up on screen in the middle of our podcast! We love these synchronicities that show the magic in real time. 

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