We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are the BYTES OF LIGHT 

that will illuminate the path ahead.

Bytes of Light and Brave Healer Productions Present:

Join the authors as we share space and chat about this amazing process we went through as we created this medicinal work of art.

Know we are honored by you reading our permeated words of light and are here for you when you have questions or want more information. 
You are never alone on this journey. We have built a private Facebook Group to assist you. You can bring your questions to all the authors in this collaboration; we will all be there to guide you to your highest truth.
Welcome to our Den of Light, where you will be held and honored for facing your fears, owning your power, and standing tall on your two pillars of light, we humans call legs.

Meet Angel and Seth Rohrer

Enjoy these light filled interviews with our badass Publisher, Laura Di Franco, Brave Healer Productions!
Laura also wrote a chapter in this collaboration, how cool is that?
Spiritual entrepreneurs will love this interview series with our author-experts from Bytes of Light, Evolving Leadership for the Spiritual Entrepreneur.
These business owners are doing leadership differently and are the guides for the new energy and earth moving forward.

The Sound of Authentic Leadership

Watch Podcast Here

A New Kind of Leadership

Watch Podcast Here

The Heart of a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Watch Podcast Here

Leading the Way in Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Watch Podcast Here

Angel Rohrer
Lead Author

Watch Podcast here

Seth Rohrer
Lead Author

Watch Podcast here

Kya Dubois
Cover Artist

Watch Kya's Podcast here

Lee McCormick Forward

Watch Lee's Podcast here

Jorge Luis Delgado

Watch Jorge's Podcast here

Atlantis Wolf

Watch Atlantis's Podcast here

Eliza James

Watch Eliza's Podcast here

Rachelle Golding

Watch Rachelle's Podcast here

Daphne Paras

Watch Daphne's Podcast here

Bradford Tilden

Watch Bradford's Podcast here

Suzanne Rollen

Watch Suzanne's Podcast here

Grace Solaris

Watch Grace's Podcast here

Jennifer Falchi

Watch Jennifer's Podcast here

Kristina Dubois

Watch Kristina's Podcast here

Grace Kohn

Watch Grace's Podcast here

Emoke Molnar

Watch Emoke's Podcast here

Dustin Kaiser

Watch Dustin's Podcast here

Gurpreet Juneja

Watch Gurpreet's Podcast here

April Kaiser

Watch April's Podcast here

Laura Di Franco

Watch Laura's Podcast here

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