Root to Rise - A Look Into True Masculinity - Bytes of Light

Season #2

Welcome to Root to Rise, featuring Angel and co-host Rebecca Haywood! Angel and Rebecca work together to embrace, channel, and highlight Divine Feminine energy in this series.

Our podcast this episode features Seth! We spend our session discussing the importance of true masculinity: looking into your heart and finding the real you, and honoring that through and through. We also discuss the concept of masking, and how putting on other "personalities" can hinder your understanding of the world around you.


We have found in our journey that men do not integrate often in the spiritual community because they are expecting themselves to become more feminine, and are off-put by the lack of understanding on what it means to be truly masculine. We delve deeper into why that is, and suggest ways to look inward on how to improve yourself mentally.


All this and more on today's episode! All of our love.


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0:00 - Intro

0:25 - Diving into it

1:50 - The Teo hype!

6:30 - Men, Connect with your Heart

9:00 - Masculinity comes in Many Flavours

11:00 - Stepping into Authenticity

15:00 - Embracing Fluidity

19:24 - The Divine Mother

27:00 - Own Who you Are

32:30 - Connect with the Masculine Inside you

35:50 - Be OPEN

41:19 - Outro


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