Inspiring Teaching and Parenting with Lee McCormick - Bytes of Light

Season #2

Lee McCormick makes his return to the Bytes of Light Podcast! We are thrilled that he was able to join us for this session, and we get right into the thick of it. We discuss parenting, teaching, and how the two of these fundamental aspects of life interconnect and help you become a better mentor in your journey.


TEACHERS! Meet. Your. Students. Where. They're. At!


Not everyone is ready for the metaphorical "baseball bat," but they are ready to learn. Listen with us today while we address how important it is to understand where your students are at in their journey to best prepare them for those "baseball bat" moments.

All our love.

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0:00 - intro

0:29 - Diving into it

3:00 - Unique Talents

6:00 - Chasing the "Feelgood"

9:15 - Teachers, Meet Students at their Level

15:00 - Parenting

20:00 - The Peru Learnings

21:10 - Living with Cancer

26:00 - Teotihuacán

31:00 - The Divine Masculine and Feminine

35:38 - Outro


Lee McCormick, a Florida native, grew up visiting his family’s ranch in Wyoming—an experience that shaped his future. He began pursuing his undergraduate degree at Fort Lewis College in Colorado, before finishing at Belmont University in Nashville. After his own recovery experience, his interest in behavioral health led him to found several residential-based treatment experiences, including The Ranch Recovery Center in Nunnelly, Tennessee, and The Canyon Treatment Center in Malibu, California.

Throughout the 20+ years that Lee has worked in spiritual-based recovery, he’s written several books and produced a documentary called Dreaming Heaven. His passion led him to host workshops and trainings, and facilitate groups for mental health and addictions treatment centers around the country. He co-founded the Integrative Life Center in 2010, a place where people could come to receive individualized treatment rooted in the real world. His entire life’s work has been devoted to empowering people to harness the power of self-discovery and the natural world.

Lee McCormick went on journeys for his own seeking, growth, and healing, spending years learning and co-teaching before leading journeys of his own. Through Spirit Recovery, Lee takes seekers on journeys to recover their authenticity—teaching them how to expand beyond their limiting beliefs, and how to “de-program,” returning to a state of true freedom, love, and happiness. Spirit Recovery journeys are the first step in coming back to a simpler, deeper way of living.


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