STAND IN YOUR POWER!! - with Psychic Medium Donna Hartt - Bytes of Light

Season #2

Donna Hartt makes her triumphant return to the Bytes of Light Podcast for another installment of Fire and Ice! We haven't had much chance to catch up with her since she was still on the Traitors Canada show, and we take this opportunity to spill the beans and give us a bit of an inside look on the fun and games she got up to!

2024 is the year of zero tolerance. That means Zero tolerance for any kind of unsavory behavior. Don't let aggressive people push you around. Stand in your power, set the boundaries you've been meaning to set. OWN your sh*t. It's time to step up and move forward, and we're right there with you in your learning journey.

All our gratitude and love.

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0:00 - Intro

0:29 - Diving into it

1:00 - Traitors Canada

8:11 - Returning to "High School"

12:15 - Balance on the Planet

15:00 - Stand in Your Power

18:40 - Standing up to Bullies

22:38 - High Performance Mindset

26:19 - Everyone is Growing

30:15 - Inner Child Work

35:17 - Unlearning Patterns

44:30 - Outro


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