Re-Writing Story-lines With Samantha Rohrer - Bytes of Light

Season #2

Samantha returns to discuss her life a year after school, and what led her decisions to leave that space in her life. With incredible pressures placed on us we can often feel like have no choice but to continue down a path we've set ourselves on, even at the expense of our joy. Taking a look inward and deciding that "Hey, this isn't right for me" takes incredible strength and should be celebrated. We are only here once, we should not be spending what time we have committing to beliefs that do not serve us. It's never too late to decide what's right for you and re-write your own story-line for your personal betterment, and we'll be right here to guide and support you.


All our gratitude and love.


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0:00 - Intro

0:29 - Diving into it

1:00 - Last Year vs. Now

4:00 Generational growth

10:29 - Self Discovery

14:38 - There's no "One Path" for success

18:30 - Celebrate your Discovery

24:00 - What does your heart crave?

27:00 - Celebrate "Recovery"

34:45 - There's no trophy for mastering "Suffering"

38:40 - Outro


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