Bytes of Light Podcast

Bytes of Light Podcast

Hosted by: Angel Rohrer, Seth Rohrer

Bytes of Light is a weekly podcast hosted by Angel and Seth Rohrer that is designed for those searching for transformation, higher awareness, internal freedom and unconditional love. They explore mindset mastery,...


How to STOP SPINNING with Psychic Medium Donna Hartt - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #44

Humans have a tendency to spin doubt and anxiety into their daily lives in ways that can drastically hinder their mental health, productivity, and lead to less joyful lives. Donna and Angel spend today's episodes...
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Exploring GRIEF, JOY, and SHADOW WORK with Psychic Medium Donna Hartt - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #43

The fifth episode in our Fire and Ice Series!! Donna and Angel return to discuss grief and doing their Shadow Work to grow and improve their lives. They also spend time reflecting on the dichotomy of being both joyful...
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OWN YOUR RANK. Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable with Psychic Medium Donna Hartt- Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #42

Fire and Ice returns for our Fourth installment! Angel and Donna dive into the "rank" of it all, and that it's okay to accept that things aren't always going to go the way we want it to. They also get into the weeds...
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RECOGNIZE and HONE your Awakened Spiritual Gifts With Angel and Seth - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #41

You are not alone. People all over the world are starting to wake up and recognize the spiritual gifts within them. People are recognizing and trusting their inner selves more and more, but what if you are unsure...
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The BARBIE Movie from a SHAMANIC PERSPECTIVE with Angel and Seth - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #40

We LOVED the Barbie movie! So much that we saw it twice! This movie dives into interesting, relevant and relatable subjects like the patriarchy, equality, and women's rights that are not often explored in film so...
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MANIFESTING SUCCESS and the Joys of ACTING with Psychic Medium Donna Hartt - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #39

Part three of our Fire and Ice series continues with esteemed guest Donna Hartt! Today's episode touches on Donna's journey as an actor, with some great conversation on fulfilling lifelong dreams, and how much fun it...
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DRAMA JUNKIES? Tips for dealing with Addiction with Angel and Seth Rohrer - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #38

Addiction is an ever-present threat in our daily lives, with Social Media, Alcohol, Drugs, spending, and more being so readily available to us. But what about Drama? Not often do people consider "Gossip" as a form of...
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JAGUAR MEDICINE, Revealing Unconscious Patterns with Poonam Mandalia - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #37

This week we bring a phenomenal artist onto our podcast. Meet Poonam Mandalia! She joins us this week to discuss her journey, her artistic vision, and gives us a deeper look into Jaguar Medicine. We hope you enjoy...
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SELF CARE for the Heart, Setting Boundaries with Psychic Medium Donna Hartt - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #36

Fire and Ice returns once more! Donna joins us this as we discuss incredibly important topics like self-care, recognizing and adapting old patterns, having the strength to be "the tough love" friend, and more! We hope...
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The POWER "WITHIN" vs. Power "Over" with Angel and Seth Rohrer - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #35

Power. That is a word that gets thrown around frequently in our lives. Power Over, Power of Authority, Powerful people.. But what about "power within?" Today we discuss what Power means in our community, the...
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ENERGY HEALING, The Power of Clairvoyance with Laurie Wheeler - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #34

Today's episode features well-established Energy Healer Laurie Wheeler! Laurie has been in the healing and energetic arts for 25+ years, certified through the British Institute of Homeopathy and the California College...
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Animal Medicine, FOSTERING FLUFFINESS with Beth Lopez & Nuzzles Pet Rescue - Bytes of Light

Season #1 Episode #33

Who doesn't LOVE Kittens? Well, this week we are joined by Beth Lopez, member of Nuzzles & Co. Pet Rescue and Adoption! AND HER KITTY CAT PAUL! What a good boy, helping out this week. We touch on our book's ties...
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